Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stop #34; East Liberty

Date: October 5
Neighborhood: East Liberty
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Noreen, Ed, Jonathan, Pteri, Toddy, Mindy, Scott, Richard, Brendan, Bobby D., Josh, Mike, Eileen, Shea, Liam, Kim, Ed, Vinny McG, Carol, Cari, JoshS, Tuzz, Al, Melissa, Lee, Pteri, Kelly (aka Brittney), Carlo (aka K-Fed), Rebecca, Carolyn, Lily.
Bar: The Sharp Edge

Pluses: Beer. The selection of Belgian beer, German beer, good American beer, Irish beer, English Beer, and Other Good beer is beyond impressive. If you get tired of the beer, the food is good too.
Weirdness: The Mystery Beer comes from an unlabeled tap and the brand is unknown until the unveiling at the end of the month.
Aside: The Sharp Edge has been described as "The Best Belgian Beer Bar in the USA" and it's hard to dispute.

Just some of the taps.

Cari, Kelly, and Rebecca enjoying a booth.

Noreen proudly displaying a koozie.

Bobby getting love from Jonathan.

Scott's not so sure about all of this.

Fried + birthday = good.

Bob and Todd demonstrating the official (and sanitary) Pitt Stops Handshake.

I'm so into it.

Tuzz, JoshS, Ed, and Kim.

Jonathan's so into it.

Bobby attempting to steal Toddy's beer. Again.

Vinny McG and Richard looking normal.

Jimmy D. doing his Dork Lord impression.

Wait...North Country Brewing isn't in the city.

No matter. We give love anyway.

Stop #33; Highland Park

Date: October 5
Neighborhood: Highland Park
Pitt Stoppers: Pteri, Jimmy D., Al, Noreen, Bobby D., Jonathan, Bish, Carol, Riachrd, Tuzz, Sandy, Mindy, Bea, Toddy,
Bar: Terry (Pteri) Villa

Pluses: Good beer selection by the bottle and good pizza.
Weirdness: The mysterious button.
Aside: Noreen Brought Party Favors! Pitt Stops now has an official koozie. It comes in both green and purple.

Terry Villa has both pizza and beer.

The pizza comes in slices. The beer is cold.

Yes, Todd. We're looking at you.

Bea, Bob, and Sandy are happy at the Villa.
Jonathan is absolutely outraged.

Koozie-induced drinking and dining pleasure.

For the love of god, don't touch that button. Kittens could die.

Stop #32; Morningside

Date: October 5, 2007
Neighborhood: Morningside
Pitt Stoppers: Josh, Richard, Jonathan, Toddy, Al, Jimmy D., Bobby D. Drive by stoppers: Noreen, Pteri.
Bar: Wilk's

Pluses: Pool tables in the back, good prices.
Weirdness: They aren't used to loitering. As we were taking the picture up front, somebody came out and asked if there was a fight.
Aside: Wilk's is the only public bar in all of Morningside.

The album cover.