Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Map; Mid-May version

Here it is - the Mid-May map. We're in the home stretch now.

Stop #65; Fairywood

Date: May 17
Pitt Stoppers:
Al, Frank, Min-D, Richard, Jimmy D., Bobby D., JonJon, Pteri, Flat Stanley.
Sharp Edge Creekhouse

The beer, the food, and the beer. See comments on Stop #34 and add outdoor deck seating.

I thought that this bar was actually in Crafton. Our waitress Stephanie told us that upon calling the Crafton cops to address a late night dispute, she was told that they wouldn't be stopping by because the bar was in the City. So there you have it, if the police say that it's City of Pittsburgh, by gum it's City of Pittsburgh.

The elusive Fairywood itself is found.

The sleek exterior of the Creekhouse.

They do landscaping right and red in Fairywood.

The Subtle Death sign.

Actually see real meaning here.

Further confirmation of the City boundary.

The weather outside was wet and nasty. Under the tarp it was fine.

I can has beer?

The beer it is tasty.

The beer it is good.

Flat Stanley - here flat and dry - made an appearance all the way from South Dakota or Maryland, I can't remember.

Quick! Al - Strike a pose.

Stop #64; Chartiers City

Date: May 17
Chartiers City
Pitt Stoppers:
Jimmy D., Frank, Al, Min-D, Bobby D., Pteri.
None. Corner.

Chartiers City is a really pretty neighborhood. We were there for only 45 seconds though, so there's not much to say.

Stop #63B; Windgap

Date: May 17
Pitt Stoppers:
Min-D, Beth, Al, Frank, Jimmy D., Bobby D., Pteri.
No bar - Remember When Ice Cream.

The biggest cone in Pittsburgh. Some places exaggerate their products just to get people to come and visit. This claim, however, is so very real as you can see below.

The Boston Milkshake - a sundae on top of a milkshake?!?

Ice cream cones make great crossing guards.

RW breaks it down all scientific like.


[Note: Cones not to scale.]




How large, you might ask?

So large it can't be delivered through the window.

Even as big as Al's noggin.

Al contemplating his lactose tolerance.

[He finished it moments later.]

Beth went with a small sundae.

How about one of those on top of a shake?

Place order here...

...and you get a milkshake in the mail.

Pitt Stops first - a rainbow.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stop #63A; Windgap

Date: May 17
Pitt Stoppers:
Al, Frank, Beth, Bobby D., Pteri, Min-D, Jimmy D.

Lady Di of course. Di'Version's is pronounced with a long "I" after its owner Lady Di. They have a pool table and nightly specials and DJ's. They host occasional cook-outs in the back - call and check when their next is.

The cool security cam, where you can have your picture taken as a criminal (see below).

The best lil cocktail lounge in Windgap!

Di'Version's caters to the over 30 crowd who love fuzzy dice.

Frank dreams of Lord Stanley's Cup.

The long view of the bar.

Dammit. I was late to Pitt Stops.

Back when times were simple and men in green ties enjoyed Yuengling in peace.

Some straight talkin' in the rest room.

Di'Version's has you covered every day of the week.

Beth, Min-D, and Pteri debating the Preakness.

Jimmy D. showing what a fuzzy dice-loving over 30 crowd member looks like.

Jimmy D. as an intruder.

Al checking to see if the coast is clear.

Stop #62; Esplen

Date: May 17
Pitt Stoppers:
Jimmy D., Beth, Min-D, Fran, Al.
Sunoco parking lot.

On the banks of the lovely Ohio River and Chartiers Creek.

I always knew it!

Al reaches out to Esplen with open arms.

Esplen reaches right back.

Jimmy D. is shamed by Fran's playoff beard.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stop #61; Overbrook

Date: May 2
Pitt Stoppers:
Al, Min-D, Jimmy D., GiNo, Richard, Pteri, Bobby D., Kristin, Wook.
Road Runners.

Road Runners has a dance floor and pool tables

Neon is important at Road Runners.

GiNo getting a horizontal perspective.

Bobby taking in the sights.

GiNo back to vertical.

Road runners.


Pitt Stops is one WLD event.

Perhaps you've heard the phrase "Dance like no one's watching" before?

Yeah. Don't do that, Jimmy.

Stop #60; Knoxville

Date: May 2
Neighborhood: Knoxville
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Bobby D., Pteri, Wookie, Richard, Kristen, Al, GiNo.
Bar: Lee's.

Pluses: Awesome, friendly people. They gave us tips on where to go and where not to go for the local neighborhoods - always very welcome. The pitchers of beer are served in 1 liter (?) glass mugs. On one side of the mug, there's a spout. You make the choice - drink it straight or pour.

Weirdness: When I walked in with the Pitt Stops Book, they assumed I was the karaoke guy. And what's with neighborhoods south of the Monongahela River being named after other places - Arlington, Knoxville, Birmingham...

Kristin and GiNo share a tender moment in Knoxville.

Pteri: Enough with the tender moment already.

Large mug barely visible in the back left.

Stop #59; Allentown

Date: May 2
Neighborhood: Allentown
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., GiNo, Kristen, Al, Richard, Bobby D. (shaky), Pteri, Wookie.
Bar: Trenta/Alla Famiglia

Pluses: Alla Famiglia and its upstairs, cocktail-lounge counterpart Trenta are absolute gems. The small dining room and kitchen area downstairs is supplemented by several more tables upstairs, in addition to an outdoor patio area. Trenta's bar is well stocked with a wide variety of bottled beers, scotches, and wines. Due to Jimmy's lack of foresight, we didn't have a camera to capture the beautiful dark-wood bar, but their website has some nice shots.

Weirdness: The surroundings. The dilapidated neighborhood is out of pace with the posh interior. It feels more like a Midtown Manhattan bistro than a Pittsburgh restaurant.

Wookie: Look at me! I'm Elmo!

Al: DAMMIT. I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO ELMO. Now I must lay the smack down.

Richard is hiding from it all behind the lamp.