Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stop #63A; Windgap

Date: May 17
Pitt Stoppers:
Al, Frank, Beth, Bobby D., Pteri, Min-D, Jimmy D.

Lady Di of course. Di'Version's is pronounced with a long "I" after its owner Lady Di. They have a pool table and nightly specials and DJ's. They host occasional cook-outs in the back - call and check when their next is.

The cool security cam, where you can have your picture taken as a criminal (see below).

The best lil cocktail lounge in Windgap!

Di'Version's caters to the over 30 crowd who love fuzzy dice.

Frank dreams of Lord Stanley's Cup.

The long view of the bar.

Dammit. I was late to Pitt Stops.

Back when times were simple and men in green ties enjoyed Yuengling in peace.

Some straight talkin' in the rest room.

Di'Version's has you covered every day of the week.

Beth, Min-D, and Pteri debating the Preakness.

Jimmy D. showing what a fuzzy dice-loving over 30 crowd member looks like.

Jimmy D. as an intruder.

Al checking to see if the coast is clear.

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