Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stop #59; Allentown

Date: May 2
Neighborhood: Allentown
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., GiNo, Kristen, Al, Richard, Bobby D. (shaky), Pteri, Wookie.
Bar: Trenta/Alla Famiglia

Pluses: Alla Famiglia and its upstairs, cocktail-lounge counterpart Trenta are absolute gems. The small dining room and kitchen area downstairs is supplemented by several more tables upstairs, in addition to an outdoor patio area. Trenta's bar is well stocked with a wide variety of bottled beers, scotches, and wines. Due to Jimmy's lack of foresight, we didn't have a camera to capture the beautiful dark-wood bar, but their website has some nice shots.

Weirdness: The surroundings. The dilapidated neighborhood is out of pace with the posh interior. It feels more like a Midtown Manhattan bistro than a Pittsburgh restaurant.

Wookie: Look at me! I'm Elmo!

Al: DAMMIT. I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO ELMO. Now I must lay the smack down.

Richard is hiding from it all behind the lamp.

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