Monday, October 20, 2008

October Maps

Here's October's map.

And I did say maps, so here's a bonus. Thanks to the nifty technology developed by the folks over at Google, we now have a destination-based map. Enjoy!

Stop #77; Brookline

Date: October 11, 2008

Neighborhood: Brookline
Pitt Stoppers: Richard, RichT., GiNo, Kristin, Brett "The Destroyer", Jongo Funklstein, Bobby D., Pteri, Frank/Guy, Al, Jimmy D., Wookie.
Moonlite Cafe

Pluses: Getting to meet the owner Lou (thanks for the beer!) and the multitude of TVs for hockey viewing pleasure.

The Fancy Brookline Mural.

Only gentlemen lie on the sidewalk in front of cars.

They have mail in Brookline.

We didn't go to Zippy's, but we will next time we want some waffles and and IC Light for breakfast.

I helped the band with their gear and told them I'd give them a plug. Here it is.

The Moonlite's outside from the Moonlite's inside.

Lookee! The Penguins scored. (so did NJ)

Yup. Model trains.

Blow on my dice for good luck.

Kristin enjoys her beer while Bobby goes Nuclear.

Dig Dug and cigs.

Gimme some sugar, baby!

I like how there are lots of "Jim" signs in Brookline.

Stop #76; Bon Air

Date: October 11, 2008
Bon Air
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Richard, RichT., Bobby D., Pteri, Frank/Guy, Al.

Pluses: Warm and friendly atmosphere and wait staff, and very good advice (thanks, Ray).

Portions are not actually 10 feet wide, as shown in the billboard.

Rich taking in the fresco.

Pteri, Bobby, and Rich's dazzlingly white shirt.

Even though it was 4 in the afternoon, Fran and Rich were already looking for the hockey game.

Richard getting some sound advice.

Bobby Likey Beery.

Stop #75; West Oakland

Date: August 16, 2008
West Oakland
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Carol.
Uncle Larry's

Pluses: Getting to meet the owner Raphael "Hoodie" Mitchell who's owned or worked at Larry's for over 60 years. He gave us the history of the area, of the bar, and of his family. We also got to meet his niece Dana who works at the bar and her friend Keith who gave us lots of advice about places to go in the area.

The top of Larry's Bar.

The bottom of Larry's Bar.

You'll always have a place to park at Larry's.

The sights from outside Larry's.

The view from inside Larry's. That's a picture of the Mitchell children on the wall.

The Mitchell Family Tree.

Jimmy and Hoodie.

Stop #74; Crawford-Roberts

Date: August 16, 2008
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Carol.

Pluses: It was a great place to watch the Little League World Series on a Saturday afternoon.

Carol outside of Ficklin's.