Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The august August map

Stop #73; Duquesne Heights

Date: July 25, 2008
Duquesne Heights
Pitt Stoppers: Richard, Paul, Wookie, Josh S., Tammy, Al, Carol, Jimmy D.
Monterey Bay

Pluses: Duh. The view. The restaurant is the best place for a fancy seafood meal and decor, but the bar really provides the best view. Great scotch selection.

Well, the Romantic Indian-Washington Statue is a bit odd.

Please observe my reverse-walking posture. It is spectacular.

I thought I'd take you here for our first date. Do you like the view?

Your hands. They are so soft.

They baby hands.

Our lips...they are so close.

The obligatory submarine picture.

Who didn't get "Pitt Stops is business casual" memo?

Elevator ride.

A view from the afternoon.

Pitt Stops was here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stop #72B; West End Overlook

Date: July 25, 2008
Pitt Stoppers: Josh S., Wookie, Al, Tammy, Carol, Paul, Richard, Jimmy D. , Bride, Groom.
None. The West End Overlook.

Weirdness: There was a Friday evening wedding party there. Carol got them to sign the book. Al's slingshot ride for Jimmy up the hill.

The obligatory West End Overlook Shot.

The North Side.

Josh getting his picture on.

The well-kept environs of the WEO.

Stop #72A; Elliott

Date: July 25, 2008
Pitt Stoppers: Josh S., Wookie, Al, Carol, Paul, Richard, Jimmy D.
Lorenz Cafe

Pluses: All of the staff (Goldie, Nada) and the owner David were incredibly friendly and hospitable - even buying multiple rounds of jello shots for the Pitt Stoppers. The proceeds from the Jello shots go to fund MS research.

Weirdness: The first lolcats of the trek were sighted.

While the outside is industrial, the inside is all friendly.

Someone catch Richard!

Rest assured. The Jello shots are not 16 ounces.

Taking in the hospitality.

Al learning himself the Drinker's Fault Finding Guide.

Merry Christmas in July!

The Christmas elves.

Further evidence of Christmas.

A picture from a blog in a bar on a blog about the bar.

Ack. My head spins.

The frivolity in The Lorenz Cafe.

Stop #71; Sheraden

Date: July 25, 2008
Pitt Stoppers: Carol, Tammy, Jimmy D., Paul, Richard, Al, Wookie.

Pluses: Smitty's has a very engaging crowd (including Mark, George, Paul, and Jimmy Not Not) who's happy to tell you a joke or chat you up.

Weirdness: While at Smitty's we learned that Sheraden is called "Hubtown" and Sheraden natives are called "Hubs." Apparently, there was once a bar called Benny's in Sheraden where swearing was not allowed. Instead of "mother f***er" they said "mother hubber." It was extended into a salutation - "What's up, hub?" - and it stuck as a nickname.

The jagged streets of Sheraden

Smitty's quaint exterior

Almost 70 years of Smitty's has happened.

The owners chart where they bike around the country. Kinda like Pitt Stops, but on a grander scale.

EXACT miniatures of the owners.

I saw no one punch this sign.

Please don't punch this Bambi.

Still life with cucumber.

Over 60 years...

...and only 24 jerks.

Tammy and Carol taking in the terrarium.