Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stop #71; Sheraden

Date: July 25, 2008
Pitt Stoppers: Carol, Tammy, Jimmy D., Paul, Richard, Al, Wookie.

Pluses: Smitty's has a very engaging crowd (including Mark, George, Paul, and Jimmy Not Not) who's happy to tell you a joke or chat you up.

Weirdness: While at Smitty's we learned that Sheraden is called "Hubtown" and Sheraden natives are called "Hubs." Apparently, there was once a bar called Benny's in Sheraden where swearing was not allowed. Instead of "mother f***er" they said "mother hubber." It was extended into a salutation - "What's up, hub?" - and it stuck as a nickname.

The jagged streets of Sheraden

Smitty's quaint exterior

Almost 70 years of Smitty's has happened.

The owners chart where they bike around the country. Kinda like Pitt Stops, but on a grander scale.

EXACT miniatures of the owners.

I saw no one punch this sign.

Please don't punch this Bambi.

Still life with cucumber.

Over 60 years...

...and only 24 jerks.

Tammy and Carol taking in the terrarium.

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Anonymous said...

Smitty's is the best local bar with the best people!! It's a great place to unwind with friends!!