Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stop #57; Perry North (Observatory Hill)

Date: February 16
Perry North (Observatory Hill)
Pitt Stoppers:
Jimmy D., Shua, Bruce, Sue, Richard, Paul, Rick, Wookie, Minday, Big Al, Todd, Carol, Jonathan.

Pluses: Where to start? When you go to the Commodore Cafe make sure you have some extra time to spend. The walls are lined with knick knacks, memorabilia, and keepsakes from throughout the 20th century. You can find everything from an early version of scuba equipment, a real doughboy hat, and what Mr. Bill claims to be the camera that shot the famous JFK assassination footage. Proprietors Ruth and Bill (yes, that's Mr. Bill to you) showed us tremendous hospitality. Bill showed several of us the highlights of his collection. Lindsay (Cymru Am Byth!) was awesome behind the bar and on the jukebox too.

Weirdness: That would have to be the house mascot Frankie. Frankie is a dachshund, of course, who possesses great style and grace (see below).

The view from the outside.

Perhaps the largest hot sauce collection in Pittsburgh.

The obligatory Mr. Bill sweatshirt.

An authentic Electrolux electric sweeper.

A warship with the famous phrase that Commodore Perry (after whom both the bar and the neighborhood are named) flew into the Battle of Lake Erie.

Look! A dog!

Frankie wasn't so sure about providing his John Hancock. It took three tries.

The high five is my favorite.

Ruth gets Frankie to do more tricks.

Stop #56; Perry South

Date: February 16
Perry South
Pitt Stoppers:
Jimmy D., Wookie, Paul, Richard, Jonathan, Wookie, Bruce, Sue, Shua, Rick.

Bar: Very close to Mayfield's.
Pluses: Safety. Mayfield's was doing some remodeling and wouldn't let us in. Well, they had a sign that said they were doing remodeling wouldn't let us in. Remember kids: Safety First!

The "We're only open Sometimes" Mayfield's

Wookie was asking if we could go somewhere with heat.

Stop #55; Fineview

Date: February 16
Pitt Stoppers:
Paul, Richard, Shua, Rick, Sue, Bruce.

Team Extremo: Carol, Jimmy D., Jonathan, and Wookie

Bar: The Step Right Inn.
Pluses: According to the great book Steps of Pittsburgh, Fineview is home the longest set of city steps in the City of Pittsburgh. Team Extremo walked the whole set of steps and continued to the top of the hill where the old Channel 11 beacon still stands - right off of Television Hill Street. The 347 steps are in very good shape.
Weirdness: We were greeted at the top of the stairs by local "Mayor of Fineview" Don and his two standard poodles.

Paul attempting the world's longest rail slide.

The daunting view up from the bottom.

The even more daunting view up from the middle.

The steps look even more intimidating from the top.

The Fine View from the top of the steps.

Team Extremo.

Sue getting ambushed by Don's poodle.

Stop #54; Spring Hill-City View

Date: February 16
Spring Hill-City View
Pitt Stoppers:
Paul, Richard, Jimmy D., Wookie, Rick, Jonathan, Bruce, Sue, Carol, Shua.

Bar: Parking Lot Tavern
Pluses: A wholey holy feel in a liberating unconstrained atmosphere. type of way.
Weirdness: Spring Hill is dry as well, so we stopped in a church parking lot. We drove through the rest of SH-CV and caught some great views of the city, but didn't stop to get pictures.

The church that you always see from the Parkway North.

Excuse me, is there a fish fry?

My Kool Aid-filled container.

They offer meat comprehensively in the North.

Stop #53; Summer Hill

Date: February 16
Summer Hill
Pitt Stoppers:
Shua, Bruce, Sue, Wookie, Paul, Richard, Jonathan, Jimmy D., Rick, Carol.

Bar: The Outdoor Cafe
Pluses: Great for snowball throwing contests.
Weirdness: Summer Hill is also dry, so the place we stopped was on the border of Summer Hill and Northview. The first Double Stop.

It is Summer Hill!

Milling about near Summer Hill.

Jonathan displays the form for which he is famous.

Wookie counters with a leg lift.

(I don't know who won...)

Stop #52; Northview Heights

Date: February 16
Northview Heights
Pitt Stoppers:
Wookie, Jimmy D., Paul, Carol, Ricky Ro., Bruce, Sue, Shua, Richard, Jon Jon.

Bar: Portable Drinking Establishment.
Pluses: Great ventilation.
Weirdness: Northview Heights is dry, so we stopped outside on the crisp and clear winter day.

We rallied back at the Penn Brewery before our trek.

Wait. This doesn't look like a bar...

Nothing like maple syrup to warm the bones.

What's that in the distance?

Could it be?