Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stop #57; Perry North (Observatory Hill)

Date: February 16
Perry North (Observatory Hill)
Pitt Stoppers:
Jimmy D., Shua, Bruce, Sue, Richard, Paul, Rick, Wookie, Minday, Big Al, Todd, Carol, Jonathan.

Pluses: Where to start? When you go to the Commodore Cafe make sure you have some extra time to spend. The walls are lined with knick knacks, memorabilia, and keepsakes from throughout the 20th century. You can find everything from an early version of scuba equipment, a real doughboy hat, and what Mr. Bill claims to be the camera that shot the famous JFK assassination footage. Proprietors Ruth and Bill (yes, that's Mr. Bill to you) showed us tremendous hospitality. Bill showed several of us the highlights of his collection. Lindsay (Cymru Am Byth!) was awesome behind the bar and on the jukebox too.

Weirdness: That would have to be the house mascot Frankie. Frankie is a dachshund, of course, who possesses great style and grace (see below).

The view from the outside.

Perhaps the largest hot sauce collection in Pittsburgh.

The obligatory Mr. Bill sweatshirt.

An authentic Electrolux electric sweeper.

A warship with the famous phrase that Commodore Perry (after whom both the bar and the neighborhood are named) flew into the Battle of Lake Erie.

Look! A dog!

Frankie wasn't so sure about providing his John Hancock. It took three tries.

The high five is my favorite.

Ruth gets Frankie to do more tricks.

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