Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stop #55; Fineview

Date: February 16
Pitt Stoppers:
Paul, Richard, Shua, Rick, Sue, Bruce.

Team Extremo: Carol, Jimmy D., Jonathan, and Wookie

Bar: The Step Right Inn.
Pluses: According to the great book Steps of Pittsburgh, Fineview is home the longest set of city steps in the City of Pittsburgh. Team Extremo walked the whole set of steps and continued to the top of the hill where the old Channel 11 beacon still stands - right off of Television Hill Street. The 347 steps are in very good shape.
Weirdness: We were greeted at the top of the stairs by local "Mayor of Fineview" Don and his two standard poodles.

Paul attempting the world's longest rail slide.

The daunting view up from the bottom.

The even more daunting view up from the middle.

The steps look even more intimidating from the top.

The Fine View from the top of the steps.

Team Extremo.

Sue getting ambushed by Don's poodle.

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