Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stop #65; Fairywood

Date: May 17
Pitt Stoppers:
Al, Frank, Min-D, Richard, Jimmy D., Bobby D., JonJon, Pteri, Flat Stanley.
Sharp Edge Creekhouse

The beer, the food, and the beer. See comments on Stop #34 and add outdoor deck seating.

I thought that this bar was actually in Crafton. Our waitress Stephanie told us that upon calling the Crafton cops to address a late night dispute, she was told that they wouldn't be stopping by because the bar was in the City. So there you have it, if the police say that it's City of Pittsburgh, by gum it's City of Pittsburgh.

The elusive Fairywood itself is found.

The sleek exterior of the Creekhouse.

They do landscaping right and red in Fairywood.

The Subtle Death sign.

Actually see real meaning here.

Further confirmation of the City boundary.

The weather outside was wet and nasty. Under the tarp it was fine.

I can has beer?

The beer it is tasty.

The beer it is good.

Flat Stanley - here flat and dry - made an appearance all the way from South Dakota or Maryland, I can't remember.

Quick! Al - Strike a pose.

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