Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stop #60; Knoxville

Date: May 2
Neighborhood: Knoxville
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Bobby D., Pteri, Wookie, Richard, Kristen, Al, GiNo.
Bar: Lee's.

Pluses: Awesome, friendly people. They gave us tips on where to go and where not to go for the local neighborhoods - always very welcome. The pitchers of beer are served in 1 liter (?) glass mugs. On one side of the mug, there's a spout. You make the choice - drink it straight or pour.

Weirdness: When I walked in with the Pitt Stops Book, they assumed I was the karaoke guy. And what's with neighborhoods south of the Monongahela River being named after other places - Arlington, Knoxville, Birmingham...

Kristin and GiNo share a tender moment in Knoxville.

Pteri: Enough with the tender moment already.

Large mug barely visible in the back left.

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