Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stop #63B; Windgap

Date: May 17
Pitt Stoppers:
Min-D, Beth, Al, Frank, Jimmy D., Bobby D., Pteri.
No bar - Remember When Ice Cream.

The biggest cone in Pittsburgh. Some places exaggerate their products just to get people to come and visit. This claim, however, is so very real as you can see below.

The Boston Milkshake - a sundae on top of a milkshake?!?

Ice cream cones make great crossing guards.

RW breaks it down all scientific like.


[Note: Cones not to scale.]




How large, you might ask?

So large it can't be delivered through the window.

Even as big as Al's noggin.

Al contemplating his lactose tolerance.

[He finished it moments later.]

Beth went with a small sundae.

How about one of those on top of a shake?

Place order here...

...and you get a milkshake in the mail.

Pitt Stops first - a rainbow.

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Anonymous said...

If you like chocolate ask Mary to serve you up some of her PMS special. It is one of her Homade hard Icecreams. It has a real name but I only know it by PMS Special. Tell her Cheryl sent Ya!! I travel from Rochester TWP. for it!!