Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stop #69; Chateau

Date: June 14, 2008
Pitt Stoppers:
Al (non-signatory), Dr. Stan, Gemma F., Jimmy D., Minty
Near Cousin Vinny's.

Steve the security guard who showed us around.

Al driving us around some more.

Manchester Craftman's Guild, which is in Chateau.

Cousin Vinny's is not a bar and is not open on Saturdays, but it is in Chateau.

The Lovely Gemma having some lemonade.

Al snoopin'.

Jim documentin'.

Jimmy trying to explain Pitt Stops to Steve.

Steve took us in and showed us the high water mark from the St. Patrick's Day flood.

Jimmy provides scale.

A lovely boating club in Chateau. They also are not a bar.

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