Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stop #15; Oakwood

Date: July 20
Neighborhood: Oakwood
Pitt Stoppers: Big Al, Mindy, Carol, Kelly AKA Babs, Richard, Josh, Bobby D., Jimmy D., Jonathan, Todd, Dave
Bar: Blinky's
Memento: Menu and T-shirt. A personal gift from the owner Audrey.

Pluses: Getting to know the owners Audrey and Blinky. They were great hosts and told us plenty about the history of the area and of the bar itself. They also claim to have the cleanest ladies room in Pittsburgh; Mindy agrees.
Weirdness: Saying hello to the cooks during a full tour of the bar and restaurant.

Jimmy D. with the owners. Notice Blinky blinking.

Let's hit up Vanilla and mack on some cupcakes.


Jonathan said...

In case Mindy and BobbyD were curious about how big their eyes were compared to their stomachs, I discovered 6 MIA cupcakes in the back of my ride a couple days after the Pitt Stop #15 sweet engorgement. They were tragically car-baked into a delicious mass of explosively caloric butter-sugar lumps. I laid them to rest in the southside. Private memorial service.

Carol said...

OMG Say it isn't so!!!! Those were the best cupcakes I have ever had. The chocolate peanut butter were to die for! I'm not going to mention any names, Jim, but someone let some of that awesome icing drop to the ground!

James G. said...

It's true. I was careless with the icing. The buttery goodness just slid right off.

I felt so bad that I nearly licked it off the ground.