Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stop #19; Arlington

Date: July 28
Neighborhood: Arlington
Pitt Stoppers: Mindy, Dave, Jimmy D., Richard, Bobby D., Todd, Benoddi, Bruce
Bar: Down the Road Saloon

Pluses: Big, nicely decorated space; friendly staff; equisitely clean grill; outdoor deck.
Weirdness: The clocks for Beaver Falls and Punxy (Nod to Bish); The ladies room "occupied" light.

Yes, the time in Beaver Falls is different from Arlington or Punxy.

Mindy as guest bartender.


The outside shot.


Joshua said...

Actually, it's spelled "Punxsy".

James G. said...

Actually, it's spelled Punxsutawney.

It's my little special thing and I'm not changing it. Suggit.