Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stop #40 and a half; Mt. Oliver

Date: November 21
Neighborhood: Mt. Oliver
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Noreen, Pteri, Gino, Kristen, Tommy, Bobby D., Moon

Moon's Place

Aside: Between Stop #40 (Mt. Oliver) and #41 (St. Clair), we needed a place to charge our flasks. Moon kindly opened his doors to us for a pit stop between Pitt Stops. He was a tremendous host, offering us beer and giving us a history of the area. He pulled out some antique maps and showed us how the area used to be called Lower St. Clair. Since there's an Upper St. Clair, I always did wonder where Lower St. Clair had gone to...

The crew rests their feet in Moon's living room.

The dangerous, rare, and beautiful Lower St. Clair Alligator. It is poisonous, climbs walls, and eats babies.

The glowing Hashers license plate.

A shot of our gracious host.

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Sherpes said...

well, come back and try a trail run/walk with the rest of the Hash House Harriers kennel...