Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stop #42; Carrick

Date: November 21
Pitt Stoppers:
Jimmy D., Noreen, Pteri, Gino, Kristen, Tommy, Bobby D., Moon, Holly, Hank, Lisa, Nick.

Pluses: They are in reconstruction mode in Whoville. The place has 12 bowling lanes on two floors of the building. When they're done, it will be tremendous place to go bowling. The currently have a selection of shuffle bowling, pool, and pinball.
Weirdness: Based on the posters, they used to host Bowling for Dollars. They have the swankest toilet seat in the city.

The view of the soon-to-be-dandy bowling lanes from a window in the bar.

Kristin and Pteri enjoying the swank powder room seating.

Speaking of swank powder room seating...

Bowling for Dollars!

Bonus points for those who watched.

Holly shooting some pool.

Notice the cool bowling alley-style seating on the left.

They are serious about their bowling at Whoville.

Bobby and Tommy are entranced by drinking dogs. Moon and Noreen, not so much.

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