Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stop #43; Squirrel Hill North

Date: December 8
Squirrel Hill North (Neighborhood formerly known as North of Forbes)
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Noreen, Pteri, Bobby D., Laurel, Richard, Paul, Mindy, Josh P., Josh S., Carolyn, Jonathan, Lily, Melissa, Lee, Scott.
Pluses: Great decor and classy atmosphere; great martini menu.
Weirdness: Sunnyledge, built in 1886, was once owned by Dr. James McClelland - the founder of Shadyside Hospital. Some of his personal effects are still on display.

Carolyn's very happy with her alcohol-free cocktail. Melissa goes with the stronger variety.

A very old and beautiful cash register.

The chandelier is not crooked in real life.

The great leaping panther of Sunnyledge.

Paul's sneaking out the back door.

Bobby sez: "And then Jonathan had the third martini. That's when he started to glow."

The stairway to upstairs.

Josh and decorations.

The lovely Victorian tree.

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Anonymous said...

Sunnyledge what a great place!