Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stop #50; Westwood

Date: January 25
Pitt Stoppers:
Jimmy D., Ed, Wookie, Richard, Todd, Tuzz, Big Al, Mindy, Frank, Jonathan, Bobby D., Scotty.

Sammy's Pizza
Pluses: The expansive menu, which is much more than just pizza, and Denise who gave us lots of tips of where to go in the western neighborhoods.
Weirdness: The cheese platter which includes fried provolone, jalapeƱo poppers, and several other products containing fried cheese.

Sammy's Sassy Sign.

Ed smiles.

Al eats.

Todd scratches.

Bobby and Wook signing in.

The local paper.

Ed and Frank pose.

Al schwigglags.

Tuzz went nuclear from the 'za.

In spite of this picture, Bobby was quite happy.

Jimmy practices his method acting.

Richard is unimpressed.

Neon abounds at Sammy's.

Jonathan represents with a koozie.

Jonathan represents with a koozie.

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