Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stop #48; Lincoln Place

Date: January 12
Lincoln Place
Pitt Stoppers:
Jimmy D. (108), Josh (131), Mindy (96), Kristen, GinO, Jon, Brendan, Steve, Chrissie, Erica, Noreen, Rich (156), Todd.

Bar: The cocktail lounge at Playmor Bowl
Pluses: Bowling, a course. The lanes record both your score and the speed of your ball. Josh came out on top with a speed of 18.6 mph.
Aside: Lincoln Place, which was annexed to the City in 1929 from Mifflin Township, was originally going to be called Linconio.

Weirdness: We were kicked off the lanes a bit early to make way for league play. One of the men who came in wore a bowler. That's right. A bowler in a bowler. What could be better?

A view from the afternoon in Lincoln Place.

That's gyrobalanced.

I still left one standing.

Usually it was more.

The King of Bowling.

Jonathan demonstrates the Chicken Stance.

Brendan's follow-through.

Mindy is the model of focus.

All smiles (and straight hair!)

The only salve for my bowling game.

Do you know safe bowling conduct?

Read and learn.

A bowler in a bowler.

The lounge.

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