Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stop #49; Crafton Heights

Date: January 25
Crafton Heights
Pitt Stoppers:
Jimmy D., Wookie, Todd, Tuzz, Big Al, Mindy, Frank, Jonathan, Bobby D.

Pluses: Jello shots, bad movie night (one of the last shown movies was Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park), great waitstaff (Hi Sue!).

Weirdness: The way you say it. It's not the Oh-Bay House Tavern. It's the Oh-Bee House Tavern.
Aside: The Obey House Tavern, which opened in 1823, is an historic site. It was a stop on a pony express as well as the Underground Railroad. It's also alleged to be haunted; Sue, in fact, refuses to go to some parts of the basement.

Tuzz is an angel. Look at his halo.

Notice that Al and Frank don't have one.

In spite of the sign, profanity will in fact be tolerated in certain circumstances.

The cooler which houses jello shots.

They come in all of your favorite flavors: Red, Orange, and Unnatural Blue.

It's all smiles at the Obey.

Todd's head is in a box.

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