Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stop #46; Homewood West

Date: December 27
West Homewood
Pitt Stoppers:
Jimmy D., Noreen, Auggie, Chip, Kathy, T, Wookie, Hank, Richard, Auggie, Brendan, Al, Kim, Scotty, Buck, Todd, Paul.
Pluses: The beer - all made on site.
Aside: Scott has been brewing great beer in Pittsburgh's East End for three years now. He's come out with a wide variety of brews ranging from the seen-around-town Big Hop to his most recent run of a Belgian-style trippel. Three days a week Scott opens his doors and hosts a "Growler Hour" where you can visit the brewery, sample one of the six beers on tap, and purchase a growler (or two or three) to take home. For those of you unable to make it to Growler Hours, The Map Room in Regent Square has a variety of Scott's beers on tap all of the time.

A tip: Don't look for a sign. Look for the beer keg on the sidewalk.

The outside is post-industrial...

...the inside is high-tech brewing.

All operations are on site.

Al contemplates it all.

Jimmy's feeling snazzy about EE brewing.

It may be made in America, but with CANADIAN GRAIN. I'm outraged.

Yes, Todd and Auggie. We're looking at you.

Hank likes EE Brewing so much he's blurry.

The brewery and bar setup at EE Brewing.

The specially designed label for Scott's third anniversary trippel. The beer received Hank's Dutch Seal of Approval.

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