Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stop #47; New Homestead

Date: January 12
New Homestead
Pitt Stoppers:
Jimmy D., Jonathan, Todd, Mindy, Josh, Brendan, Rich, Steve.

Bar: None. Corner.
Pluses: Very nice park with a very large woodpecker (photo not shown) is right across the street.
Aside: The Settle Inn is actually not in or near New Homestead. Some websites have it at 297 Mooney Road (New Homestead). Other websites correctly have it at 297 Mahoney Road in Coraopolis.

Of course, we're not confused easily here at Pitt Stops; we do our research. That's why we had one of our number (who shall remain nameless) investigate the location to make sure that it was the right place. That nameless individual confirmed the bar location.

When confronted with the facts of the situation, that individual fessed up, saying:

"It was dark. I passed what I thought was a bar. I don't know. I'm sorry."

Words that will live in infamy. Luckily, Josh saved the day and brought some whiskey with a great name.

A corner quite far from The Settle Inn.

Luckily, Josh packed along his Fighting Cock.

We were all happy with Josh's gift.

Todd sure knows how to handle it.

Mindy bringing some class to the situation.

The Pitt Stoppers trying to figure out where we were.

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