Monday, December 22, 2008

Stop #84.2; Swissvale

Date: December 6, 2008

Neighborhood: None. Swissvale.
Pitt Stoppers:
Richard, Bobby D., Pteri, Jimmy D., Wookie, GiNo, Kristin.
The Map Room.

We at Pitt Stops love our maps, so the Map Room certainly earns a mention - regardless of its geographic location outside of the City. A favorite for several of us who are local to Regent Square, the Map Room serves up a wide variety of East End beers and offers a great menu. Marji the owner and oft-times bartender is a wonderful host and keeps the drinks, conversation, and music flowing all night long.

The map-inspired interior of the Map Room.

The tree casts a dragon shadow across the wall.

(Ask Marji about the authentic signed Mahler letter on the wall.)

When pigs fly? Well, they do at the Map Room.

So do guitars.

The way the night ends on another Pitt Stops.

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