Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stop #92A; The Strip District; Kaya

Date: December 27, 2008
Neighborhood: Strip District
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Paul, Richard, Toddy, Carol, Tammy, Scott, Frank/Fran/Guy, Lisa, BruceM, SueM, Mindy, Kate Smerb, Steve Smerb, Carolyn, Lily, Beth, Scotty, Kim, Josh, Jongo Funkelstein.

Aside: The final neighborhood! We saved the Strip district to the last and explored some on foot and hit four great bars over the course of an afternoon.

Bar: Kaya

Pluses: The beer selection, the smooth and mellow Caribbean flavors.

Carol and Tammy went formal for the finale and did it proper.

The famous Heinz sign at its new home.

Bruce, Sue, Rich, and Marc Andre walking down Penn Avenue.

Nothing happened there in 2008 either.

Feinberg's in the background, Primanti's in the foreground.

Typical Saturday traffic in the Strip.

Atypical Christmas lights.

Kaya. The first stop of the finale.

The final beer to make it official.

Thanks to Fran(k) for the next two pics. Great Pitt Stops feel.

Paul and Richard usually aren't so blurry.

Jimmy's outfit has Steve in utter shock.

A thorn among the roses...

Todd went Sassy Nouveau for the finale.

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