Monday, January 12, 2009

Stop #92B; The Strip; Roland's

Date: December 27, 2008
Neighborhood: Strip District
Pitt Stoppers: Fran/kuy, BruceM, SueM, Kathy, Chip, Kim, Jimmy D., Paul, Richard, Toddy, Carol, Tammy, Scott, Anette, Chuck Z., Lisa, Mindy, Josh, Smerb to the Kate, Smerb to the Steve, Carolyn, Lily, Jongo Funkelstein, Beth, Scotty, Brad & Angelina.

Bar: Roland's

Pluses: The beer selection, the raw bar, the seafood.

Between bars we saw a Real Live ALLEY

The hallowed heights of Bedford Dwellings

Speaking of raw bar...

Frank got SASSY

Chip went with formal-semi-formal

I fully admit that Lily looked better than I did in the hat.

And that she was also much happier without it.

Our corner of Roland's.

Josh didn't fall down the steps.

I bet there's a Pittsburgh Toilet down there...

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