Monday, January 12, 2009

Stop #92D; The Strip; The Harp and Fiddle

Date: December 27, 2008
Neighborhood: Strip District
Pitt Stoppers: The One and Only King Jim D., The Queen Mum, Mindy, Jimmy D., Toddy, Carol, Tammy, Scott, Scotty, Kim, Noreen, Johnny Kittens, Bish, Chip, Kathy, Chuck Z., Anette, Frank/Guy/Fran, Cari, Steve Smerb, Kate Smerb, KrisTin, GiNo, Hank, Holly, Leah.

Bar: The Harp and Fiddle (The End?!?!?)

Pluses: Well, what isn't a plus? The Guinness is right, the food is great, and if you remind Declan of how much he loves Jeter and the Yankees, you'll get some of the best service in town.

The swank interior of the H&F

There are Stoppers on the walls!


Kristin's there too.

"Hey you! Sign the book!"

And the book was very signed.

Jimmy was in MOTION.

"Whaaaa! I don't want PS to end!!!"

Big Jim documenting. The Queen Mum signing.

Big Jim displaying a nice Guinness.

Scotty mortifying the Queen Mum.

It's been in several pictures, but really...

What in the hell is Todd doing with his beer?

Noreen snuck the crown on top of the hat for the photo.

What's that sign say...

The end of a journey.

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