Monday, January 12, 2009

Stop #92C; The Strip; Saloon in the Strip

Date: December 27, 2008
Neighborhood: Strip District
Pitt Stoppers: The Original Jim D., The Queen Mum, Kate Smerb, Steve Smerb, Toddy, Kathy, Chip, Scotty, Kim, Hank, Holly, Noreen, Lisa, BruceM, SueM, Mindy, Jimmy D., Annete, Chuck Z., Carol, Tammy, Scott, Paul, Richard, Johnny Kittens, Jongo, Lily, Carolyn, GiNo, Kristin, Bish, Leah.

Bar: Saloon in the Strip

Pluses: The awesome staff and general frivolity.

The Saloon in the Strip looks like this.

You find it by walking until you see this.

The Saloon shows its colors

Nikki (who brought us the beer) signing the book

Leah won the award for the farthest distance traveled (Colorado).

Scotty got all gangster for the finale.

Hank got all...all...Dutch? for the finale.

"Do you see what he's wearing?"

Scotty giving the official PS wave.

The brothers M. got out of control at some point.

So Toddy got a Time Out.

Brucem trying to ignore Big Jim's opera singing.

Holly brought out London Barbie.

London Barbie loves ponchos.

Now I'm not saying that London Barbie was easy, but...she is in Big Jim's shirt.

Jimmy was disturbed by that...

Toddy was angry...

Big Jim was pleased...

...and a lil contemplative at the same time.

Steve giving the PS single finger wave.

"See when you drink from these things, the level goes DOWN."

Amazingly, if you follow the hand up the stairs you go to the second floor!

Toddy, Holly, and the Queen Mum with the crown

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