Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stop #10; Regent Square

Date: June 15
Neighborhood: Regent Square
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., The Wook, Richard
Bar: Ryan's Pub
Memento: Book of matches

Pluses: Patty the bartender, good pub grub menu, open air front porch


Anonymous said...

Uh... there's 4 or 5 bars in Regent Square - and Ryan's (not especially) Irish Pub CLEARLY is not one of them, and pretty unremarkable at that.

Missed the boat this time guys. Go back one space.

Pitt Stops 2007 said...
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Pitt Stops 2007 said...

If you're talking about Dunning's, Murphy's, the Map Room, and Dee's, then those are in Swissvale. That region of town is still called Regent Square, but isn't part of the City of Pittsburgh. Check out the map for the Regent Square neighborhood.