Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stop #5 (?); The Great South Oakland Controversy

Oh, I knew where South Oakland is. It's down towards Mad Mex on the other side of Bates. It's right where the SOD ("South Oakland Dive") used to be. Don the bartender at Uncle Jimmy's knew we were in South Oakland. Everybody knew it.

Well, the City has other ideas. Check out the map for South Oakland. The SOD apparently was in Central Oakland. I'm still in shock. To do this thing right though, we have to go strictly by the map. While we hit a bar in what we thought was South Oakland, we'll have to go back and officially hit the neighborhood.

Date: June 1
Neighborhood: South Oaklandish
Pitt Stoppers: Rob, Jimmy D., Deanna, Bob D., Mindy, Carol, Todd, Brendan
Bar: Uncle Jimmy's (sense a theme?)

Pluses: The traditional Pittsburgh long, skinny-bar layout, the complete lack of beers with character.
Weirdness: The look from the bartender when Brendan asked for a beer with character.

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