Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stop #9; Point Breeze North

Date: June 15
Neighborhood: Point Breeze North*
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., The Wook
Bar: The Evergreen
Memento: A coaster made of felt - the only bar in Pittsburgh to have them.

Pluses: Great people, great Pittsburgh bar
Weirdness: Seeing both the prize marlin and the bait fish used to catch it mounted on the wall.

* - There's no bar technically in Point Breeze North. The Evergreen is right across the street and, in the grand scheme of things, close is better than not at all.


Eric said...

wookie thought it was particularly funny that one patron said most would label you as a "cop" but that wook was "fine"

Anonymous said...

I believe this constitutes cheating. You need to take a (jaunty urban) frolic back across the line and drink _something in PB North, even w/o a bar there. Impose on some resident, or sip some Mr. Pibb on a street corner.

Pilar said...

Well written article.