Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stop #35; Allegheny West

Date: October 26
Neighborhood: Allegheny West
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Toddy, Josh, JoshS, Al, Jonathan, Chip.
The Modern Cafe

Pluses: Cool memorabilia, including a fine collection of Wheatie boxes and what is definitely not Roberto Clemente's first contract.
Weirdness: A scene from The Wonder Boys was filmed here.
Aside: I personally think that The Modern has one of the coolest signs in the city.

The cool sign of The Modern Cafe.

A picture of the owner with the cast of The Wonder Boys.

The Modern is so cool that Jonathan couldn't believe his eyes.

So he closed them.

Part of the Wheaties box collection.

If you look carefully, you'll see that is definitely not Clemente's first contract.

The rear of the Modern.

The obligatory outside picture.

A little known fact: Todd is an ATM.

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Sophia said...

Hey, are you still doing this blog. Will you receive this comment? This bar belongs to my parents and unfortunately it burned down on New Year's Eve night of this year. It was a devastating fire, started in the neighboring florist shop, but the sign was spared. We are in the reconstruction phase right now. Join our facebook group and we'll be sure to update you on the progress and when we'll be open for business again.