Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stop #36; Central North Side

Date: October 26
Neighborhood: Central North Side
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Josh, JoshS, Al, Pteri, Ed, Tuzz, Todd, Noreen, Bobby D.
Bar: Rigg's

Pluses: Sweet Decor, great staff.
Weirdness: The bar lamp.

Rigg's from a distance.

The view east towards AGH.

The tracks.

Todd and Josh putting the squeeze on Jimmy D.

The view to the north.

Notice the unsafe balconies common in the North Side.

The crew finally arrives at Riggs.

The swank decor.

JoshS enjoying the swank decor.

Jimmy D. and Josh confirming location.

Todd's into the swank decor. Ed and Tuzz aren't so sure.

The bar lamp. So cool.

Jonathan displaying bad manners.

Al explaining how to get to the next stop.

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