Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stop #37; Brighton Heights

Date: October 26
Neighborhood: Brighton Heights
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Noreen, Josh (not reachable tonight), Hez, Pteri, Ed, Jonathan, Pteri, Toddy, Josh, Tuzz, Al.
Big Cat Pat's

Pluses: Genuine Pittsburgh Irish bar.
Weirdness: Odd shirt special. Former wrestler.
Aside: Apparently, Big Cat Pat is a former wrestler.

The outside.

Todd is supremo on the appetizers.

Jonathan confirms that Bobby's sweater is bona fide.

Noreen and Pteri don't care 'tall.

They have you covered at Pat's.

The worst t-shirt special in the city.

Hez, Bobby, and Josh amidst the saucy Irish decor.

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