Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stop #22A; Spring Garden

Date: August 11
Neighborhood: Spring Garden
Pitt Stoppers: Jimmy D., Bobby D., Colin, Mindy, Benoddi, Colin, Jonathan, Carolyn, Lily, Chip, Cousin Richard, Big Al, Dave, Richard, Laurel, Paul
Bar: Frank and Jerry's Bier Haus
Pluses: Great staff (Hi Beth!) who told us about Paul's Pittsburgh Charities which sponsors a city-wide scavenger hunt...sounds like we're in training.

Weirdness: There are gas tanks from motorcycles scattered around the bar.

Aside: When we got there, I realized that the Bier Haus is not in Spring Garden. It's right across the street from Spring Garden in East Allegheny. Not to be denied, a group of us took the last swig of our beers and ran across the street to the Spring Garden sign to make it official.

The view of the Bier Haus from Spring Garden.

Richard, Chip, and Colin discussing the impressive size of the beer glasses.

Charlie's Angels?

Making it official.

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