Monday, August 20, 2007

Stop #25; South Shore

Date: August 17
South Shore
Pitt Stoppers: Mindy, Jimmy D., Bobby D., Jonathan, Carolyn, Lily, Lisa, BTNL, Kristin, Gino, Tommy T., benoddi, Josh, Noreen
Bar: The Gandy Dancer

Pluses: The tremendously classy decorum - the marble floors, the stained glass, the wood panels, the brass bar rails. It has it all.
Weirdness: A gandy dancer is a slang term for workers who maintained railroads.
Memento: Napkin.

The official GD picture.

Bobby doing his best GD impression.

Gino, Kristen, and Lisa making
the blog!

Noreen, Tommy, Bobby D., benoddi (and his gandy hat)

Jimmy and Mindy being Gandy Dancers (to Girl from Ipanema)

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