Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stop #24; Herr's Island

Date: August 11
Neighborhood: Herr's Island
Pitt Stoppers: Mindy, Jimmy D., Dave, Big Al, Colin, Paul, Richard, benoddi, Bobby D., Laurel, Jonathan, Carolyn, Lily, Lisa
Bar: Red Fin Blues
Pluses: Deck and patio right on the river.

Weirdness: Red Fin Blues had the most aggressive tiki torches that I've ever seen. about foot of flame flew from each. Doo doo doo. Those who were there will understand.

Aside: I never did get official confirmation on whether Herr's Island is in the city or not. It's not separately listed on the City's website, but I just don't think it is part of Troy Hill. Insights into this quirk are welcome.

Enjoying the patio by the river.

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Ron said...

Washington's Landing nee Herr's Island IS in the City. Troy Hill DOES include Herr's Island. I guess because so many people who lived in Troy Hill worked at the stockyards there, running the hogs up "Pig Hill" (Rialto Street)to the slaughtrhouse in Spring Garden.