Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stop #22B; Spring Garden

Date: August 11
Neighborhood: Spring Garden
Pitt Stoppers: Colin, Jimmy D., Mindy, Big Al
Bar: Parrott's
Pluses: Really big high-def TV - perfect for the Steeler's game.

Weirdness: Besides the two t's in Parrott's, there were parrots all over the bar. See below.

Aside: When we realized that there was a bar actually in Spring Garden, a group of us went up and made a quick Stop to get the neighborhood done properly.

Here's Polly.

Colin's putting on a tough face for the Spring Garden crowd.

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Anonymous said...

Colin and Co:
The answer to the two T's in PARROTT'S PUB is actually quite simple. The owner is Alan Parrott.
As to the parrots all over the bar, sounds like a nice touch of Margaritaville in Spring Garden to me!